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Love the “Sweet but Sexy” look of 40s, 50s and 60s? This is your chance to be immortalised on tin in the full retro theme.

So wind back your thoughts to a by-gone era. Picture yourself with the hair, the makeup and clothes that had a really cool look. At Dynamic Style Photography we are specialist Classic Retro Pinup and Automotive photographers. Our professional photographer will add props and guide you in a friendly, relaxed manner through the poses.

If you have access to a classic car, hot-rod or bike – bring it! It will make your shoot very individual. If not we have a variety of props and settings. This includes our “Retro Diner” and “Hot Rod Bar” sets. In some shoots we may use our very cool retro bowsers.

We encourage you to use your imagination and resources for the shoot. If you have access to other retro items that are not automotive, that’s fine too! Often it only takes one item/ prop to complete “the look”. Research pinups for inspiration!

While we love Rock n Roll and Rockabilly, we also encourage 40s military style pinups which we also have props for.

Double the fun - Why not do it with a friend? We can organize to do your photo-shoot together!

While we do encourage you to bring some of your own, we do have a range of costumes and props you may wish to use for your photo-shoot. Click below to view what we have available.

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Before having your photo-shoot with us, you will need to sign our model release form. You can take a look at a copy below;

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